Business Sectors


The acquisition process is very complex, with many dimensions influencing its outcome. CGrowth Capital will employ a friendly approach to its transactions, working with a target firm’s management and/or board to reach consensus and a win-win transaction. This is in contrast to the hostile takeover, which often leads to wasted effort and legal entanglements. CGrowth Capital’s acquisition traits will bring synergies, economies of scale, diversification, and increased assets to the company and in turn build shareholder value.

Joint Ventures

CGrowth Capital prides itself in creating unique and solid Joint Venture agreements that allow each side of the opportunity to be successful and profit from the venture. With CGrowth’s team building approach to every JV we are able to take an idea and move it to a monetized venture.

Asset Management

CGrowth Capital has taken a systematic approach to evaluating the many opportunities in the marketplace and then executing on the very best available with the goal of increasing and maximizing assets and achieving the greatest return to shareholders. We will broaden our coverage and diversify our holdings by expanding into additional markets and additional product areas. However, in doing so we will strive to ensure that the opportunities are compatible with existing sectors and our experience and ultimately achieve our goal of increased shareholder value.