Oil & Gas Division

CGrowth Capital’s new oil and gas division, Powder River Resources, Inc., is an independent oil and gas exploration company that focuses on exploiting producing underdeveloped and low-risk oil and gas opportunities throughout North America.

Our primary focus is to consistently add reserves through the acquisition and joint venture of undervalued assets, by generating technically sound oil and gas prospects and incorporating scientific methods of identifying potential opportunities.

As a developer of oil and gas properties, our primary function is to bring together all of the elements required to make a project succeed. We identify the opportunity, invest in the evaluation, assemble the development team, raise the required financing, and manage its successful implementation.


pressure meter on natural gas well site with pumpjack blurred behind

pressure meter on natural gas well site with pumpjack blurred behind

Expand the company’s reserve base and increase cash flow through investment in and management of exploration, acquisition and exploitation of existing oil and gas assets.

Incorporate proprietary technically scientific methods in identifying reserves that have been overlooked, avoided or missed in previous development projects of a prospect. The company has access through
agreement to a proprietary process that has identified the critical Quantum Resonance Signatures of specific materials.

With this technology the process is capable of remotely locating the signature specific commodities associated with the desired target properties – namely oil and gas reserves.These specific Quantum Resonance Signatures were identified over a ten-year period, using sophisticated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance devices, and much trial and error.

The Company is bound by strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with the owner of the technology and applications associated with it. Once the target reserve is identified the confirmation of such
reserves is then verified with ground applications and traditional geological and in some cases seismic reviews.

Executable Plan and Focus

  • 1. Reserve growth through acquisition & exploitation of proven properties
  • 2. Geographic diversification
  • 3. Strategic partnership with key local enterprises
  • 4. Use of appropriate advanced technology
  • 5. Control operations and cost
  • 6. Equity ownership and other incentives to retain and attract employees


Strategy Overview

cgra-strategy-overviewCGrowth Capital has received funding through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CGrowth Capital Bond, Ltd., and is now working its revitalization plan at the “Salt Creek West” field – an oil field in Wyoming (USA). The Company maintains on most leases an eighty percent (80%) Net Revenue Interest. The initial work is designed to bring
the existing wells back into production or optimize their current production with a relatively modest capital investment.

The initial focus of this business plan is on the revitalization of the producing and proven developed non-producing wells on the lease acreage. This can be accomplished with an estimated 1.1 million dollars in capital expenditures. It is estimated that this will result in the field producing approximately 181 Barrels of Oil per Day (BOPD). Once this has been accomplished, there are 73 additional viable drilling locations which have been identified. There are possibly more, particularly in the Mowry and Niobrara formations. Additional drilling
locations will become evident as the field is developed and economics dictate.

Current Projects

CGRA Current Projects

CGRA Current Projects


Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Fields located in the western margin of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, on western flanks of the giant Salt Creek Anticline.

The general geological environment of the field is located on a large gently dipping syncline transitional structure that has lithological pinch-out traps, and several east west striking normal faults and fractures.

The Salt Creek West Fields lie in the southwest part of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming on the northeast side of a structural saddle between the Bighorn Mountains and Laramie Range. This saddle, named the Casper Arch, separates the Powder River Basin from the Wind River Basin.




The Powder River Basin is a geologic structural basin in southeast Montana and northeast Wyoming, about 120 miles (190 km) east to west and 200 miles (320 km) north to south, known for its coal deposits. The region supplies about 40 percent of coal in the United States.[1] It is both a topographic drainage and geologic structural basin. The basin is so named because it is drained by the Powder River, although it is also drained in part by the Cheyenne River, Tongue River, Bighorn River, Little Missouri River, Platte River, and their tributaries.