Our Story

CGrowth Capital

Powder River Basin, Wyoming

CGrowth Capital, Inc., a Delaware corporation, began its restructuring and business shift with the goal of identifying a fragmented industries with large upside returns. The company concluded in early 2012 that the mining and minerals industries presented extraordinary opportunities for its shareholders and investors after reviewing several acquisition opportunities and proposals.

Among the positives the mining and mineral focus brings:

• The industries deal with commodities that are high in demand worldwide
• Valuation of the assets is fixed as a commodity.
• Transformation of the assets, from raw earth to precious minerals, brings tremendous value change from its original form.
• The industry in the United States has remained extremely fragmented.

In July 2012, our major shareholder closed on a transaction transferring control of the Company to a group that possessed established relationships and contracts for significant mining and mineral assets, joint venture agreements, and corporate acquisitions. Since the closing, Company has already shifted its focus and executed on Letters of Intent with asset holders, a processing company, and a joint venture partner. The Company is now working to secure the necessary funding to execute on the business opportunities and grow its asset base.