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Google Earth view of Industrial Property

Google Earth view of Industrial Property

On April 5, 2016 CGrowth Capital, Inc. received a Determination of Non-Significance (“DNS”) from Stevens County regarding the Company’s application to allow its Eastern Washington industrial facility to transition from a mineral processing site to one that can grow and process cannabis. The effect of the DNS clears the way for the Company to proceed with its plans to lease portions or all of its 47-acre site to company’s legally producing and/or processing cannabis and its byproducts in the state of Washington.

“The wheels of government may seem to move slow at times – but they definitely move. A lot of work has gone into preparing the determination and we want to thank Stevens County Building Division staff and Tri-County Health District for their thorough work and guidance on this project. Patience and diligence has paid off again for us.” stated Bill Wright, CEO of CGrowth Capital, Inc. “With our SEPA Determination in hand, we have a green light to wrap things up on the industrial site and begin activating our leasing plan to legalized cannabis licensees. Wildfire is just the beginning.”

The Company previously announced an initial lease to Wildfire Cannabis Company (“Wildfire”), a Tier 3 cannabis operation. Under its license, Wildfire is qualified to manage up to 30,000 square feet of plant production. The Company is in the process of providing Wildfire its initial turnkey building space, with the objective of fulfilling the entire 30,000 square feet, plus a separate processing facility.

For more information about the SEPA determination, please visit the Stevens County Building Division website to download the determination:

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