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CGrowth Capital, a company with its attention in the sports and lifestyle market, aims at acquiring and consolidating disruptive technology and product businesses not only targeting translating talent into peak performance through novel sporting technology but including too, a broad range of innovation seeking to optimise fan and player experiences on and off the field. Seeking out products with such prospects, the objective of CGrowth Capital is to monetize unrecognized technologies by providing corporate structure, access to capital and infrastructure, thereby creating access to superior systems of supply.


Nick Link, the chairman of CGrowth Capital, spoke about his vision for the company in a stakeholder meeting during the conception of the company, where he attempted to define the space and the market which they intend to penetrate. He resisted defining the market in definitive terms and characterised the sector as somewhat informal and unstructured, whilst being far broader than one might assume. Link thus dubbed the sector as a grey space incorporating a variety of different potential avenues all functioning off the vision of making game play more equitable and/or more profitable. These include but are not limited to the more obvious entities such as equipment and apparel, to wearable tech, to block chain matters and IP Products, food and beverages, player and fan management systems, sports betting, marketing of sports and related events as well as the delivery systems of sports and lifestyle content even going as far as incorporating the translation of sporting data and the sociology thereof.




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The demonstration of human athleticism has been of interest from the very beginning of human existence, where the strength and skill of man is measured through definitive tests. Today, the popularity of sports can be measured on an economic scale, where the trajectory of the industry is set to surpass 700 billion U.S dollars by 2026, based on a 41.3% compound annual growth rate. CGrowth Capital intend to exploit this opportunity by identifying areas beseeching modernisation within the space, consolidation within the market on all levels, and in turn monetising on disruptive sporting technologies.

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The future of the sporting industry is supplemented by the way off-field technology infiltrates and influences what is happening within the various disciplines, within the various arenas. With so much growth projected in the market, one must consider the importance of the products augmenting such progressions. With related external factors being as important as competitors and participants in the profitability and economic growth of the industry, CGrowth Capital intend to aggressively invest and capitalise on such opportunities.


Functional fitness is a market with boundless opportunities due to the aspirations of human kind to present as physically able. With such demand, this has drawn many a business to focus operations within the sector, creating not only a heavily saturated industry, but consequentially, a hugely profitable one. CGrowth Capital therefore realises that even a small market share is a significant one, and one which is easily manipulated by advancements in equipment, technology, apparel and media.

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